We understand the zest, we understand the curiosity to know something new. We know you have questions in your mind when you think of partnering with new service providers. We have gathered some common questions that people like you, in online businesses, usually ask us. Go ahead with the following frequently asked questions to find the relevant answers to your questions. If you have some other questions, not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to ask us right away.

1. Does appearing at the top of Google requires a huge amount of money?

Well, most of the people believe the same, but ranking first on Google has not much to do with money. While large companies set huge online marketing budget, some smaller companies and agencies with great content on their websites, outrank them in SEO.
Yes, there are paid advertising models on every search engine where businesses pay to be appeared higher in the paid search results, but organic search results remain intact with these paid models.

2. What are your payment terms?

We accept payments via Cash, Personal or Business Cheques, and all major Credit and Debit Cards. Also, HCH Transfer is an acceptable method of payment at Weblanterns. We take advance payment through any of these methods, while reserving the right to seek recovery of any unpaid amount for sixty days, effective from the date of invoice. We shall recover this amount through Collection Agencies or Small Claims Court. In such circumstances, the client shall be liable for any additional administrative and/or court costs.

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3. How do you manage PPC campaigns?

We start with performing a thorough keyword research and identify the most profitable keywords for you. We then plan a suitable campaign for you and make regular revisions in it, including- adding additional keywords, filtering out any negative keywords (the ones don’t promise conversions), redefining landing pages, scheduling ads, and targeting demographics for better conversions and improved engagement.

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4. We have got a Google penalty, can you help?

Yes, we can help you out with this. Many websites are increasingly found with Google penalties, visible within Google Webmaster Tools. At Weblanterns, we have a great experience in helping a number of websites recover from penalties.

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5. How long does it take to rank on major search engines?

It depends on various factors, every business has different marketing requisites. We create customized marketing plan for your business, which usually defines 2 to 3 months to start seeing significant rankings on major search engines. These predefined timeframes can differ as per your business type, campaign goals, etc.
At Weblanterns, we let you know these timelines before we go ahead with your campaign.

6. How do I get my website evaluated?

Click here to get your website evaluated now! At Weblanterns, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your website, based on:

  • Page speed
  • Security
  • Mobile friendliness or responsiveness
  • Search engine visibility.

7. How do you report and how will we get to know about what you’re working on?

At Weblanterns, we keep you updated. We send you monthly reports about your website’s performance in different aspects. We also provide you with our action plan list with appropriate due dates for your project. In addition, we provide you a thorough knowledge of some specifically used analytics and dashboards for you to keep a mandatory track by yourself.

8. How do I know that I need Brand Management?

We would advise you to go for your brand’s management if:

  • You want your brand’s increased visibility and popularity among audiences you target
  • Your brand is already successful and you want to maintain it
  • You want increased conversions and revenues
  • You’re looking out for ways to change your market position
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9. How much flexibility do I get in navigation and design?

At Weblanterns, we strongly believe that a good web environment does not contain fluctuating designs, inconsistent terminology, and navigation schemes. We strive to make the website designs seamless from the users’ perspective. Your new CMS may definitely have some mandatory navigation architecture and design standards, but with sufficient space for each unit to personalize its content and to serve its specific requirements.

10. How can I evaluate that my website content is doing well?

Your content writer(s) must understand how they can align their work with your business strategy. A well-organized and appropriate content piece makes your audiences clearly understand your services and your business.

In addition, an upright content should be able to:

  • Inform and engage the readers
  • Drive clicks
  • Increase page-views
  • Influence unique visitors

11. What is the client involvement in your logo design process?

At Weblanterns, we start our logo design process with you. We listen to your ideas and prerequisites for your desired logo, design references, and color preferences. Once designing is initiated, we share the first design drafts both in black and white stage and color stage to know your desired recommendations. Until you’re satisfied with the logo, our designers keep on detailing it. After all the alterations are done, the final logo is sent to you in different formats, as per the contract.

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12. How do I know make sure that my video maintains a proper pace?

Pacing refers to the amount of information presented in a particular timeframe. For a good video, the pace must be understandable and matching to the comfort level of your audience. A well-designed combination of on-screen text and graphics, that is easily readable, the target audiences are more likely to be ready to move on with your idea. A good editor has to keep the flow of information at such a pace that audiences are able to catch it up effortlessly, neither too fast that they have to pause it at every other frame, nor too slow to make them feel bored.

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