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Interactive Social Media Applications For Improved Reach

We strive to connect your brand and business with your impending customers via the power of social media networks. Our apps are designed and developed to let you kick-start a two-way interaction with your targeted audiences, because they love talking to their favorite brands. Start a conversation, go viral, and get unparalleled experience with our customized social media applications.

Entice people to follow you

With Weblanterns’s new-age bespoke business solutions, empower your online businesses, lead the social media market, and craft beautiful digital experiences. We have created a perfect blend of interactivity, creativity, incentive, and brand immersion to offer you targeting and engaging social media applications, and let you see your brand engagement levels rise. Our service suite comprises a huge bunch of exclusive, bold, and personalized apps to take you one step closer to the people, who love your business and your brand.

  • Promotional Apps
  • Engaging Apps
  • Sweepstake Apps
  • Fun Apps
  • Informative Apps
  • Interactive Apps
  • Social Media Hub

Specialized Viral Apps

Let no one and nothing left behind with our best-in-the-house viral social media applications. Sweepstakes Apps prove out to be extremely effective in gathering the audiences that have a high-interest level in interacting with your brand. These apps draw viral growth potential as you offer incentives and prices towards audience participation, and attract them to share the message with more people for additional rewards.

  • Enriched Email List
  • Increased Engagement
  • Improved Sales

Apps built on strategies

We understand your prospects and build apps that are based on advanced technologies, methodologies, and strategies. With a constant expertise in social app marketing and app store optimization, we help you enhance your app awareness and make it successful among prospective audiences.

You get these remarkable features with Weblanterns’ Social Media applications.

  • Google Map Integration
  • Secure Login and Privacy Controls
  • Content Sharing
  • Audio/Video Chat
  • Real Time Messaging
  • Graphic Editing
  • Advanced Search Criteria
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

Powerful Process Behind Powerful Apps

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